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since we all know i love livejournal way more than i love myspace,
i thought i would do a myspace sort of thing on here.
this just isn't friends only.

you are my one & only.
i love you.
even when we were going through out tough times,
i still loved you.
i hope you felt the same.
i'm glad we're okay now.

you are the closest thing to a sister i have ever had.
you are my sister.
we talked about things that i have never talked about.
& you cuddled with me when i was sad.
&&& we even acted like we were lzbn.
i bet we excited many boys with that.
i hope you are always in my life because you rule.

you're so good at giving head.
i'm like....*jizz*
i loved our time spent together in vegas.
it was fucking sweet.
even when you made me ride that damn horse that almost killed me!

you are so cute.
i'm sorry i messed up our friendship.
love is blind,
i hope that we will start hanging out again soooooon.

sooo many memories with you.
i loved hanging out with you saturday.
like old times.
even the gay fights you have to deal with again.

this one time,
we totally made out.
that was almost a year ago!
you are amazing, justin.
& we will always be friends no matter what.
take care of yourself.
i think we are more alike than we realize.

you are the coolest "straightedge" kid i've ever met.
you put up with so much shit from everyone,
things that no teenager should have to go through.
& you are still the kindest person i've ever met.
i love it when you get slap-happy,
& when you beat up joey.
maybe i'll get you a washer&dryer for your birthday.


i'm glad we're friends again.
but, as you know,
it will take time for me to trust you again.
i love you though, baby girl.
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